Dot # 1125570
MC # 459411

We transport all types of  Horses & all types of livestock

We specialize in complete farm and ranch

We have the equipment and the experience in moving all types of livestock & farm

Horses, Cattle, pigs, llamas, Alpaca, Buffalo, Deer, Elk,
Chickens, Ducks, Goats, Sheep,
or any other type of livestock you may have that need to be transported   

We have a 9 horse slant and a 36' stock trailer .

Also 7 x 24 stock trailer with 2 box stalls &

7 x 24 Double deck trailer

All animals are handled with due care and attention and we always make sure that there
trip as stress free as possible. Our custom built trailer has doors for each stall this is so
we can inspect every horse during transport or in case an emergency we do not have to
unload the whole trailer.

Our  9 horse trailer has Rumber flooring this insures a smooth ride & reduces stress on
your horses /livestock joints when hauling . All animals have access to fresh water & hay
throughout the journey.  All livestock have free standing stalls and are not tied

We have over 50 years experience within the Horse & Livestock  transport industry and
we are known throughout the USA for delivering your horses or livestock quickly and

Best way to contact us is call us
any time & 641-251-1633

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Zeigler Livestock Rescue Mustang Horses
7 x 24 stock trailer 2 Box Stalls

Also converts in to a double deck trailer that
can hold 120 head of sheep / goats
7 x 36
9 horse slant with solid dividers from
ceiling to floor.

Also can make box stalls of all sizes .